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E012 - Spain: Donde no carne

...last time on 'Jon and Lindsay Present...'

"How do you say kiosk?" "kiosk."

Croissants without meat are hard to come by. You can even get full hunks of animals to cook, hoofs and all.

Lindsay can't get her tea while food shopping since she can't understand Spanish. A British lady comes to the rescue.

Remember when you had to show ID or they checked your signature when using a credit card? They still do that in Mallorca, Spain.

Small elevators (aka lifts) and the maid does not take out your rubbish.

Amanda, Lindsay, and Alicia went to school.

Internet can only be stolen on the balcony, but who cares since it's beautiful out there.

No one wanted to visit them...although no one saw these videos , or even acquired these videos, until they were all back home.

Buenos Tardes